walker hayes beer in the fridge


Walker Hayes has faced his demons in one of the singles off his forthcoming album “Beer In the Fridge” which is inspired by personal experience. Hayes was an alcoholic and very much aware of it. He woke up one morning and just decided not to drink. “I was definitely leaning on it to perform and as a crutch in my daily life,” said Hayes, a country singer, of his drinking in a recent interview with The Tennessean. “I knew at the time I had a problem, but I would be lost without that problem.” 

Hayes took the idea to songwriters Shane McAnally and Matt Jenkins after someone noted a single beer left in the fridge. The three men transformed his journey and battle with alcohol into “Beer In The Fridge” which is such a raw song for Hayes that at times he sings the song with his eyes closed. “Certain people know it’s more than a song,” Hayes said. “It’s flooded with a lot of truth. I’d much rather sing it and let people wonder if it’s true than sit down at a writers round and go, ‘Hey, this is the truth, here it goes.'”

“There’s a lot in the song talking about how (my wife) should have left me,” he said, about a song  that took him back to the darkest moments as a struggling artist, a father of six working in Costco. “There was a lot of times where my disease hurt her feelings, and I’m ashamed to say that. She was not one who was angry about it. She was very careful about how she approached me in those times to try and help.”

The song features on the album Boom, alongside the current single “You Broke Up With Me” which received Gold Certification.