Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard has been through the wars over Thanksgiving and whilst some had been tucking into a turkey, he felt more like the pummelled turkey! Hubbard had back surgery for an ongoing injury, but thankfully pulled through the surgery in high spirits.

“In addition to all the countless people and things I‘m grateful for, I’m So super grateful for this turkey and that he’s safely out of back surgery. Thankful for all of our friends and family that have been sending love and prayers. we’re feeling beyond blessed! Wish I had the video of him coming out of surgery entertaining the nurses by singing Michael Jackson.”

There was no recording of him singing Michael Jackson, which would of have been a sight to see indeed, but Hubbard posted a post-op video where he was still in a “drunk like state”.

Hubbard has noted he may be a little bored during recovery, but he has the time to rest with a break between a busy 2017 and soon to be busy 2018. The duo are set to perform at Stagecoach, the Tortuga Festival and Taste of Country Music Festival. He is also gearing up to be a daddy for the first time with baby Hubbard due at the end of the year.