most people are good


The message behind Luke Bryan’s single “Most People Are Good” from his upcoming album ‘What Makes You Country’ holds a powerful message. A message that has caused Bryan’s own mother to cry as it shares an idea of unity and love that Bryan wants to promote. “When I heard ‘Most People Are Good’ for the first time, I really believed that that was going to be just a really, really important song in my career,” he says in a recent interview with Taste of Country.

The song draws certain parallels to previous tracks such as “Drink A Beer” and “Fast” with its sweet sentiment and chance to give reflection on an aspect of life. The song was almost the first song to be released off the album, but was pipped to the post by the title track which has become a question for many.

Bryan explained that when he gets ready to release an album he will often play it to his mom before it is released . When “Most People Are Good” came on she cried throughout the track, particularly at the line “Most mamas ought to qualify for sainthood”. “It’s one of the best lines I’ve ever heard in a song,” Bryan says. “That line really hit her like it should hit. I know my wife should definitely be a saint, putting up with me and my crazy boys.”

I think our society, we’re categorizing people and judging them and we’re human beings judging the other — and I think God judges us and He’s the endI think it’s a ginormous, beautifully written chorus,” he continues. “Anytime you can find a song that does that, I think it’s something special.”