The tenth release from one of country music’s greatest trios, Rascal Flatts, proves that the band aren’t slowing down any time soon. Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney are gearing up for the release of ‘Back To Us‘ which is set for release on May 19th. The thirteen track album full of uplifting tracks and songs swept up in emotion. The debut song from the album “Yours If You Want It” is also the opening track to the album and really gives spirit and heart to the start of the album as it provides the positive mantra of going for something you want.

Hopin’ You Were Lookin‘” is another track full of gusto and positivity. Gary LeVox demonstrates his incredible range on vocals as he creates a story for a girl that he happens to spy whilst stuck in traffic. The hopeless romantic is a thread that runs through a couple of the tracks on the album, including “Yours If You Want It” and “I Know You Won’t“. The tone of the latter, however, is completely different to the first and has a sorrowful piano as the driving force behind the heartbreaking song. Hope is also held in the latest track “Back To Us” as the man realises he hasn’t given enough attention and love to his woman, but now he wants to right his wrongs.

Rascal Flatts have blended their sound with other genres in the past with rock, pop and now funk in the track “Dance“. The song is full of energy as LeVox sings of a girl who wants dance wherever the party is. With a fresh and catchy hook, the track will definitely get the listener up off of their feet. The upbeat tracks are a plenty in the album with “Hands Talk” that gives a ‘Buble’ like rhythm and sensual tone combined. The song centres around a night between two lovers as they let ‘the hands do the talking tonight’.

One of the real treats on the album features one of the new rising talents Lauren Alaina with the song “Are You Happy Now“. The instrumentation transports the listener to the feel of an 80’s country ballad with its chiming tones as the two collaborate. The emotional ballad is a sting towards a man and woman who see the lover who hurt them receiving a taste of their own medicine. The power behind Alaina’s vocals really lends itself to the intensity of the track and the vocals of both compliment each other beautifully.

“Love What You’ve Done With The Place” is a sweet love song with a simple melody that almost seems to literally flow along. The song paints the picture of a man who is unrequitedly in love with a lady and wants to be surrounded by things that remind him of her. Each song has a detailed story that comes together as one big picture. The path is laid out from the beginning, middle and end of a relationship with joy, pain and hope toying against one another.

Overall rating: 10/10

1.Yours If You Want It
2.Hopin’ You Were Lookin’
3.I Know You Won’t
5.Back To Us
6.Kiss You While I Can
8.Are You Happy Now (with Lauren Alaina)
9.Hands Talk
11.Love What You’ve Done With The Place
12.Roller Rink
13.Our Night To Shine