Carly Pearce knows what to do when trouble comes a knocking as she sings of a deadly vice in her forthcoming single “Hide The Wine“; her ex. The sassy song shows off a different edge to the “Every Little Thing” star who has used a toxic relationship as a muse for her debut album.

The song is a huge flip on the heartbreaking ballad about an addictive love. “Hide the Wine” really showcases her bluesy tones and the fun side to her personality as she tries to avoid the chance of meeting up with the ex. She is not silly enough to let her guard down, but she is fully aware that she should “hide the wine” to avoid any slip ups.

“I know me and I know you / I better get rid of all the Two Buck Chuck / And the high dollar good stuff too / ‘Cause, baby, if I don’t, then you know what we’ll do, yeah / One sip, one tip, we’ll be sittin’ on the couch / You’ll be kickin’ off your shoes.”

The song was written by Ashley Gorley, Luke Laird and Hillary Lindsey is the second single to be released from her debut album ‘Every Little Thing’.